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We are excited to announce the Pre-Sale of our raffle tickets.  Don't stand in line for tickets when you get to the training! Buy your tickets NOW and get them when you check in at the registration table. 

We are excited to announce that will be having TWO RAFFLES at our 2021 California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association Conference!

GENERAL RAFFLE: Our general raffle will consist of items such as amazing bottles of wine, gift cards, and gift baskets...all valued at over $50!! All the tear-off tickets purchased for this raffle will be placed in one large drum. Prizes and winners will be selected at random, so each raffle ticket is a potential winner of around 50 prizes!!! (Pre-purchased Tickets: your matching raffle ticket half will be provided to you at Registration)

General Ticket Prices:

  • $10 = 5 tickets
  • $25 = 15 tickets
  • $40 = 30 tickets


PICK YOUR PRIZE RAFFLE: These raffle tickets are priced slightly higher as the prizes are much higher in value than those in our general raffle. Upon purchase, you will receive both halves of your tickets. You can then place the tear off half of your ticket into the ticket box associated with the item(s) you most desire! The winner of the prize will be drawn from only from the tickets in that item’s box. This increases your odds of winning that special item you really want and literally allows you to Pick Your PRIZE! (Pre-purchased Tickets will be provided at Registration)

PYP Ticket Prices:

  • $12 = 3 tickets
  • $25 = 7 tickets
  • $50 = 16 tickets

Several Pick Your Prize items include large products such as the Ooni Pizza oven, Eufy Robot Vacuum, Traeger Grill, Dyna-Glo Grill, Epson Projector, stand-up paddle board, Drinkworks machine, and the Winix Air Purifier. We cannot arrange for transport or shipping of any items won in the raffles. Therefore, the winners of the large items must be prepared to transport or ship the item from the conference at their own expense (or make alternate arrangements).  Thank you for your understanding.

***Online sales end Sunday, Oct 3, 2021; tickets will also be sold in person during Conference Registration on Monday night and Tuesday morning, as well as from 12:45-1pm on Wednesday


Get those tickets into the raffle on Monday during Registration from 4-7pm! We will be having an EARLY BIRD RAFFLE at our networking event on Monday Oct 4, 2021 at 7pm! Ten of our prizes will be raffled off to those at the event, including a grill and a pair of Apple Airpod Pros from the Pick Your Prize raffle- must be present to win!

General Raffle Tickets
Pick Your Prize Raffle Ticket

Welcome to the Bay Area Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association!

The BACIAA is one of six regional associations that comprise the California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Associations (CCIAA) spanning the state of California.  The BACIAA is comprised of members from agencies throughout the Bay Area and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our tax ID available upon request for donated goods and services, all donations directly benefit our members through training and professional development opportunities. 

Membership in the BACIAA offers regular training opportunities, extensive local networking, crime-sharing and continuing education possibilities.

Each year a crime and intelligence analysts conference is hosted by one of the six regional associations.  The conference offers an excellent opportunity for professional development through trainings and presentation of new trends, applications and methodologies in the field of crime and intelligence analysis.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the BACIAA and our board will do their best to assist you.


BACIAA  Mailing Address: 7172 Regional St. #175, Dublin CA 94568

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